The Cordillera is located throughout the West Coast of Canada, of British Columbia, the Yukon and the western tip of Alberta and North West Territories. The Cordillera is a very mountainous region. The main mountain ranges are the Coast range, Columbia range, and the High Rockies. There are very deep valleys between the mountains. It is also called the Western Mountain region.

The climate plays a big roll in the landscape because all of the precipitation helps the trees to grow. This includes both the rain and snow. There is about 200 cm of rain each year. As you travel to the northern part of the region is tends to be colder than the southern part. The northern winters can last up to 8 months! C-c-cold!

The Cordillera has many natural resources. Some of these are minerals like copper and zinc, Agriculture is very limited in this region but can be found in the southern section called the Okanagan valley. The most important natural resource in this region is forestry. There are more than 2,000 Sawmills and 30 Paper mills in the Cordillera.

When we were researching this region one of the questions that we were wondering about was:

Should loggers in the Cordillera clear cut?