Wild Sweet Pea

Lathyrus ochroleucus

The Latin name for our plant is Lathyrus ochroleucus The shape of the leaves are elliptical. The leaf has smooth edges. The plant has compound leaves -- that means that there are many leaves on the main stem. The leaves are arranged in an alternating pattern. In the fall the veins in each leaf remain green while the color around the veins turns yellow. The apex of the leaves are sharp.

This plant has tendrils. Tendrils are little vines that grab other plants to support its self. Its favorite thing to grab is grass. Normally this plant grows very close to a pine tree. Normally right under one. It grows by lots of other plants to make use of its tendrils.

It must have runners because they're so close together. Runners are little roots that travel through the ground they come right out of the ground and form a new plant. Another way to say it is there is a creeping plant stem and the root goes through the ground and comes up and forms another plant. it also reproduces by seeds.

This plant has buds as well.As you can see in the picture its petals are purple. The wild sweet pea produces unedible pea pods. PLEASE DO NOT EAT THE PLANT IT IS VERY POISONOUS!!!!! Actually we found information that also says that the pods are edible. Because we have conflicting information we think that it would be best not to eat the pea pods until we know for sure that they are safe.

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